Monday, March 8, 2010

Timberland Journalism Students Make Good at Local Conference

As if in defiance to the anti-journalism policies of the Wentzville School District, the Timberland High School journalism students demonstrated the strength of their current journalism program. 

The newspaper and yearbook staff attended the Sponsors of School Publications of Greater St. Louis Spring Conference at Webster University today.  Awards given at the conference were ranked from "Honorable Mention", "Excellent", "Superior" to "Best of Show".  The "Best of Show" ranking is the ultimate honor, and is only given to one individual or publication.

The THS journalism students amassed 23 individual awards from a pool of 650 entries!!  This included one "Best in Show" award, that was earned by Senior Nikki M. for her November front page design!  I am one proud parent of these great kids! 

Here is a breakdown of the awards given:

Overall Awards
Overall Yearbook Award—2009 Wolf Tracks “Oh. nine”

Overall Newspaper Award—2009-2010 Wolf’s Howl

Individual Contests
Newspaper Inside Page Design
Colleen G.—Superior
“Going Green: It’s easier than you think”

Newspaper Front Page Design
Nikki M.—Best of Show
“November 2009”

Newspaper Newswriting
Nikki M.—Honorable Mention
“One trillion dollars, please”

Newspaper Review Writing
Danielle G.—Honorable Mention
“New opportunities for petite models”

Newspaper Feature Writing
Taylor W.—Excellent
“A boy that leaves you speechless”

Newspaper Infographic
Colleen G.—Excellent
“Big green bompanies”

Brittany L.—Honorable Mention
“This or that”
Newspaper Editorial Cartoon

Colleen G.—Honorable Mention
“Cold classrooms”
Newspaper Commentary

Cara E.—Honorable Mention
“Food for thought”
Yearbook Student Life Design

Amanda C.—Honorable Mention
“Work, work and more work”

Elaina O.—Honorable Mention
“It’s chic fashion show”

Sami T., Haley S. and Amanda C.—Honorable Mention
“Feed me”

Yearbook People/Classes Design
Kendall M.—Honorable Mention
“Underlassmen design”

Yearbook Photography
Amanda C.—Excellent

Yearbook Sports Copy
Haley S.—Honorable Mention
“Sideline Success”

Rachel S.—Honorable Mention
“Heated Rivalry”

Yearbook Feature Copy
Ally G. and Angela B.—Excellent
“Growing gas prices”

Yearbook Theme Development
Wolf Tracks Staff—Excellent
“Oh. nine”

Yearbook Sports Photography
Haley S.—Honorable Mention

Yearbook Sports Design
Amanda C.—Honorable Mention
“One stroke at a time”
And finally, my condolences to the Wentzville School Board, Principal Winston Rogers, and the rest of the administration for yet another poke in the eye to their censorship policy, and that real journalism is what these children deserve to learn.

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