Friday, March 5, 2010

Links to pieces of the story

Hello again,

Here is a list of links to pieces of the story of the abuse of "prior review", and a request to join "Team McCandless" on Facebook.  The facebook group is located at!/group.php?gid=342173120338

First, here is the story about the former District Superintendant that appears to have sparked this vendetta against the Timberland High School journalism program.

Next, here is the story run by the Suburban Journal in O'Fallon, Missouri regarding the first act of censorship of the current principal, Winston Rogers, and the shot about the journalism program that was taken at Cathy McCandless by Melody Marcantonio.

Here is the page about tattoos that was censored by Principal Winston Rogers in Wolf's Howl.  As you can easily see, it was fair, balanced and educational. (PDF)

Next, is the followup article published in the Suburban Journal in O'Fallon, Missouri, in which Principal Winston Rogers and Melody Marcantonio try to backpedal on their actions.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch ran a small article on the story, which prompted a lively online debate about Winston Rogers actions in censoring the paper.

more links to follow, stay tuned.....

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