Saturday, March 6, 2010

Parents denied access to censorship meetings

It has been reported that a parent of a yearbook staffer was denied by Wentzville School District administration in her request to attend Principal Winston Rogers' yearbook censorship meetings at Timberland High School along with her child.

Not only was she denied three times (by Principal Rogers, then by Assistant Superintendant Melody Marcantonio and finally by Superintendant Terry Adams), Mr. Adams also stated that he was going to retain legal council to make sure it was legal to deny her access!

Huh...what? Did the Superintendant of Wentzville School District just say he was going to spend taxpayer dollars to STOP a parent from participating in her child's education? What in the world is going on in this school district? What are they trying to hide in these meetings?

Not only does censorship cost our kids, now its costing taxpayer money!!

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